Заполните пробелы словами, которые даны ниже:

Заполните пробелы словами, которые даны ниже:

a) firemen
b) network security professionals<br/> c) salespeople
d) mechanics
e) accountants
f) marketing specialists
g) cosmetologist
h) lawyers
i) computer engineers
j) artists

1. _____ on average hear «no» four to five times before making a sale to a customer.
2. _____ should enjoy working with people because they are representing their legal interests.
3. Many little boys dream of becoming _____ when they grow up.
4. Not everyone working at your local makeup counter is a licenced _____ . Most are just sales people.
5. The industries of chemicals, energy, healthcare, financial services, business services and government are hiring the largest number of _____ at present.
6. Years ago advertising agencies hired professional trained _____ to produce graphics for their magazine and newspaper ads.
7. Some of the most popular career choices for _____ are auto, industrial, diesel and aircraft mechanics.
8. College main subjects for _____ include computer science, mathematics or software engineering
9. When a company can’t figure out how to connect what they do to people around them, _____ help get people excited about its products and services.
10. A small company may have one or two _____ employed, while a large firm may have a vast team of _____ working in different divisions or branches.

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